The R&C Containers, Portuguese brand created in 2011, is specialized in development, design and manufacture of stone-ware containers for floricultue, garden and food industry. Young and dynamic company, we support our knowledge in tge experience of our ancestors who over several centuries knew how to exploit the natural resources that the soils of our region offer. By appluing sophisticated thecniques of transformation in the composition of raw materials, we use the stoneware as the main folder for the manufacture of our collections.

The ceramic paste, in single-process at high temperatures, results in a produc very sturdy, whaterproof, glazed, opaque and with very low absorption. so, in the searche for best combination of humand and technical resources, in a fully automated process with an installed capacity of manufacture of 250 000pcs for month, we present to our clients high quality collections at very competitive prices. Our commitment to the construction of the future is based on innovation and excellece, we are countiong on you to share it.